Let’s see if we can answer them for you!
If not send us a mail!

Can I join?

Snowscape Rally is an invitational event – But if you are a happy camper that loves everything about going on epic roadtrips during winter, such as cars, activities, skiing and nice dining – You should send us a mail!
We’re always open for more frosty friends!

Can my company participate?

Yes! We can send you an invoice, but because of tax it will be approximately double the amount.

Are you allowed to put stickers on your car?

Yes! Stickerbomb your car as much as you want – But as long as the event stickers are placed in the right place.

How many cars are participating?

It will differ from year to year. Often between 10-15 different cars going crazy in the snow!


■ Snowscape Rally is not a competition
■ The event is not responsible for any damages or costs on any subjects or track caused by participants
■ The car that is being used must be inspected and approved to be used on common roads
■ Alcohol consumption in connection with driving is not tolerated at all
■ The organizers have full power to exclude a participant at any time during the event if this person does not comply with the terms